Legionnaire route, It is one of the most emblematic road ruas transiting the province of Granada. Passing places like Huelma with its endless straight, Agrón, Reservoir Bermejales passing through Jayena and Fornes and a final on the road Goat,


The Mendrugo from Iznalloz

Mendrugo route has no unevenness or major ports, It is ideal for catching background. Just be careful where blows air, because as you take Iznalloz to Darro face, loathe bicycle. Very little traffic and smooth asphalt in full, less Deifontes Iznalloz

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The Orange trees

Ruta de los Naranjos is ideal for any time, although in summer pica insurance. On this route you will know as spectacular landscapes as Lecrín Valley where everything is passing scent of orange blossom and quiet. The route runs through very quiet road with little step. Time Difficulty Easy

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Hoya de la Mora to the Caldera

Pico Veleta crown is not available to everyone because it is a very challenging route for its altitude accumulated. On this route you will know places as spectacular as the Botanical Garden Cortijuela, from Center of visitantes del thorns, Hoya de la Mora or the Virgen de las Nieves, and

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complete Transnevada

The Transnevada Cycle Route runs in 8 Sierra Nevada grenadine and stages Almeriense. It is a route of the most important of the Granada region in which walking with dimensions 2.000 m entire skirt Sierra Nevada, through places like El Marquesado, Trevelez and Alpujarra and Valle

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The Mythical Granada

The Mitica is one of the routes with the most spectacular scenery of the Sierra Nevada Low. On this route granadinos places as emblematic as the Botanical Garden are crossed Cortijuela, the former Central Diechar or Purche, port of the Tour of Spain. Time Difficulty Easy

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